Voice 2 Mail

Privacy Policy

This policy describes, which data will be fetched and how we store and use your data.
It applies to Voice 2 Mail and Voice 2 Mail PLUS

Your app data like:
  • Emailaddress
  • Note text
  • Pictures
  • Voice recordings
  • GPS data
will be stored and processed in encrypted form on our servers and then deleted immediately

Only your emailaddress will remain in encrypted form on our servers, so that we can identify you later again.

Usage of GPS data

Some functionality in Voice 2 Mail PLUS requires GPS data for getting the full functionality of the app.
Only with GPS data it is possible to describe your pictures with the location in the generated HTML-email to you.

It is always possible for you to deactivate the usage of GPS data in the GPS settings dialog of the app
During installation you will be asked to activate it, but by default it will stay disabled.

Deleting all your data

If you don't want to use Voice 2 Mail oder Voice 2 Mail PLUS anymore, then we will delete all your data upon your request via email to support@voice2Mail.net